Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Frustrations and Achievements

Last Sunday, about 50 of us, including my entire family and the staff, honorary doctors and a few friends and relatives of the aformentioned, went for a picnic to a private owner's bungalow on the outskirts of Lonavala, a pleasant place with almost all the modern urbanite's facilities. After a sumptuous breakfast of BBJ, mutton kebabs and Indian bread, we all went to a spot with a natural water-fall, where we all had loads of fun, bathing and generally making fools of ourselves. You can see a picture of me enjoying the moment with Inas, my elder daughter. Apart from this, we had an even more enjoyable time singing Hindi film songs en route to the picnic, playing dumb charades and eating lovely lunch - consisting of limited portions of chicken masala, parathas, chicken pattice, mutton biryani, gulab jamuns and other miscellaneous stuff.

If you wish, you can see a complete portfolio of photos of the picnic here.

Aside of the picnic, it has been a hectic week, and today, that is, Monday, 24th July, was so busy that I had to forgo my gym trip. I am therefore feeling guilty about it. The good thing is that I have now reached a post-exercise weight of 76 kg, which is a full 10 kg less than what it was in early April 2007 when I first resolved to go and join a gym. I think this weight loss has been much beyojnd my expectations and it certainly has made me feel like a physically fit person.

That's all for now ...

Sunday, July 15, 2007

The Sunday ramble

The more I think, the more I am convinced that Sundays were created by Man for men and women to write blogs on! I remember writing most of my blogs on Sundays, the day when even God Himself rested ...

I have had a tough week. My wife and I are busy collecting the moolah to purchase a lovely shop for my clinic. We seem to be almost near our goal, although we are still about 3600 dollars (Rs. 150,000) short of our target. We hope to convince our friends to help us out with the balance.

In other news, my fitness thing is going great guns. I started my gym training on the 5th of April this year, I have lost weight quite remarkably in a proper, scientific way without starving or resorting to drugs. When I started, I weighed 86 kg (about 189 pounds and ten ounces), and now, I am 77.5 kg. (i.e.170 pounds and 13 ounces). A loss of nearly 20 lbs. in a little over 3 and a 1/2 months isn't so bad, is it?

And that is making me smile from ear to ear...

Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Introducing my wife

Okay, the time has come to introduce the one person in my life to whom I owe a lot ... in money too he he! She is Nishrin, my (obviously) better half:

She is a beautician and owns a salon in downtown Mumbai. As you can see CLEARLY, she is MILES ahead of me in the "looks" department. For the last almost four and a half months, she has been extremely conscious of her weight and began to diet and indulge in exercise at home. Following in her footsteps, I too began to exercise, initially at home, and later, I continued by joining a gymnasium, where I have been a member since the past over three months. The results have been awesome, and I must publicly acknowledge that it is all due to her that I am fitter today than I was before I joined the gym.

She is excellent at her job and commands respect from all her clients as well. She has a great sense of dress and carries herself with elan and verve the likes of which I can only dream about.

Mother of my two daughters whose picture is on this blog, Nishrin is a great life companion and an asset to my whole family. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I am, because of her.

Fun links

Here is a wonderful list of a few fun links that you can enjoy on the net:

This link:
(change the names when you are prompted to do so)

This one:
(lets you create your own flower garden)

And finally, this one:
(a nice blog)


Friday, July 06, 2007

Getting fit

This is a true story of a mental transformation that is so unbelievable for those who know me that they might well ask me to meet them and pinch them to confirm that they are not dreaming.

I am about to tell you all the way a die-hard foodie who had bloated to a massive weight of 86 kg. He almost NEVER exercised, kept eating calorie-rich foods, slept over nine hours a day, ignored his diabetic state and generally went about enjoying life -even at the expense of souring marital relations with his better half. He perhaps thought that being an intelligent professional was enough to keep his spouse and family tied down to his homestead.

Then, one fine morning, moved by the grotesque sight of his fatty neck and fatty-every-part-of-the-body in the mirror (which never tells a lie), he was finally motivated to do something about himself.

Taking heart from the fact that his own wife had already reduced from 58 kg. to nearly 55 kg. in a matter of a month of exercising at home and dieting, he embarked on a similar -er - exercise and diet schedule from 5th April 2007.

He joined a gym, began to eat less calories and has now reduced to 78 kg --- a reduction of nearlty 7 kg. in just over three months. Presenting to you this man's name: Myself.

More later ...

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I have to say this: Agloco, owned by an Indian web-entrepreneur, is going great guns as it harnesses more and more members in its fold.

Here is a little more about agloco. Read this blog in full and then copy the link at the end of the post, and paste it in the address bar of your web-browser. Click GO and join in!

Post starts here:

I recently joined AGLOCO because a friend recommended it to me. I am now promoting it to you all because I like the idea and I want you to share in what I think will be an exciting new Internet concept.

AGLOCO’s story is simple:

Do you realize how valuable you are? Advertisers, search providers and online retailers are paying billions to reach you while you surf. How much of that money are you making? NONE!

AGLOCO thinks you deserve a piece of the action.

AGLOCO collects money from those companies on behalf of its members. (For example, Google currently pays AOL 10 cents for every Google search by an AOL user. And Google still has enough profit to pay $1.6 billion dollars for YouTube, an 18-month old site full of content that YouTube’s users did not get paid for!

AGLOCO will work to get its Members their share of this and more.

AGLOCO is building a new form of online community that they call an Economic Network. They are not only paying Members their fair share, but they’re building a community that will generate the kind of fortune that YouTube made. But instead of that wealth making only a few people rich, the entire community will get its share.

What's the catch? No catch - no spyware, no pop-ups and no spam - membership and software are free and AGLOCO is 100% member owned. Privacy is a core value and AGLOCO never sells or rents member information.

So do both of us a favor: Sign up for AGLOCO right now! If you use this link to sign up, I automatically get credit for referring you and helping to build AGLOCO. Click here!


Hi! In this entry, I want to share with you all - this amazing photo and file sharing website - http://www.esnips.com. It shares some of the features with other phot0-sharing sites like picasa on the web, webshots, flickr etc, but the unique thing is that it is fully integrated with the web-browser that you are using and comes with a nifty toolbar that lets you upload not just photos but books, music files, program files and so on. Users from all over the world can see your uploaded files, and conversely, you can browse the folders of other members too. Membership and download of the toolbar are free and easy to go through.

Check out my folder here: http://www.esnips.com/user/drtaher

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Writing and why I enjoy it

Let me tell you that for the past nearly one month, I have been busy writing and participating in an interesting contest on www.writing.com. In this contest, known as Project Write World, the person who ran the contest invited writers from the website to take part in a team-driven competition; we were to form country-specific teams and coordinate with each other to write a poem, a short story and an article based on a "prompt" provided by the contest organiser. My team-mates, eight including me, did a fine job, with a story written by me, a peom written by a school-teacher from Bangalore and an article written by a collegiate finally selected for submission.

We are all waiting with bated breath for the results, which should be ready in 10-12 days.

In the meantime, I have been busy with several other things on the net, like chatting with close friends, playing games, writing other items on writing.com, and so on. And when time permits, I also continue to edit my Parenting book.