Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Introducing my wife

Okay, the time has come to introduce the one person in my life to whom I owe a lot ... in money too he he! She is Nishrin, my (obviously) better half:

She is a beautician and owns a salon in downtown Mumbai. As you can see CLEARLY, she is MILES ahead of me in the "looks" department. For the last almost four and a half months, she has been extremely conscious of her weight and began to diet and indulge in exercise at home. Following in her footsteps, I too began to exercise, initially at home, and later, I continued by joining a gymnasium, where I have been a member since the past over three months. The results have been awesome, and I must publicly acknowledge that it is all due to her that I am fitter today than I was before I joined the gym.

She is excellent at her job and commands respect from all her clients as well. She has a great sense of dress and carries herself with elan and verve the likes of which I can only dream about.

Mother of my two daughters whose picture is on this blog, Nishrin is a great life companion and an asset to my whole family. It would not be an exaggeration to say that I am, because of her.

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