Monday, May 26, 2008

First comments on this blog

After plugging this blog on various forums, I have had people commenting on its contents. The first thing that I heard is that the blog is not "serious enough"; once it becomes a serious thing, readers who have identified with me in any way - whether because they read the blog or because they are mentioned in it, may take offense and feel bad and either stop visiting the blog or actually join issue with me. The second thing was that I cannot afford to make it too realistic or my own family may stop talking with me. Else, I have to start an anonymous blog so that I cannot be identified! Now, this sounds tricky to me and I cannot live a lie!

Finally, a friend named Ravi suggested that I merge this blog with my other blog (http://drtahersworld.blogspot.com). I find that not a very workable solution as I do want to separate the introspective blog entries from worldly talk and stuff like that.

I seek some help from all of you who read this blog to tell me what to do.

Do comment/reply/suggest what can be done ...

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