Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Inas wins herself some medals and trophies

Readers of my blog, too few, I know, but treasured friends nevertheless, may already know my daughter Inas, who is now in her second year of the three year B.Sc. course in Tourism and Hotel Management at the Anjuman e Islam's A.K. Hafizka Institute located next to the Old Lady of Bori Bunder (a.k.a. the Times of India) H.O. 

Well, the good news is that she excelled in her first year's annual exams. She stood first from among the 300-odd students from her batch; not only that, she also got the highest marks in 2 of the 6 subjects for which she appeared. This was old news, of course, to us, but she finally received the prizes and awards at a glittering campus evening on Saturday, 6th of March 2010. 

In all, she received one gold medal for her first rank, and a rotating trophy and a certificate for the same, and two other medals for the two subjects, and a rotating trophy too, for one of those two subjects, and two certificates for the two subjects. My parents and my wife, along with me, were those who witnessed her triumph on the stage at the event. Presenting here, some pictures of the momentous event.

She really made us proud. Unfortunately, we, i.e. my wife Nishrin and I, could not stay back to enjoy the dinner, as we had to attend a wedding of a doctor friend of ours. My parents did, however, stay back, and informed us that the meal had indeed been a good one. 

Inas, congratulations to you from your entire family! Do continue to achieve high targets in the years to come!


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AnNaMoR said...

Congratulations, Inas! And the whole family, too. :D

Indian© said...

Congratulations Innas! Well done - and may you go from success to success!