Monday, January 17, 2011

Over the weekend: Magn 2K11, Meniz etc.

After an indeterminate period of mostly lazy weekends, there is, finally, something to write about. My daughter, who is doing her final year in Hotel Management, had, in her college, a 2-day festival called Magn 2K11 (the last part indicating the year 2011, of course), and I, to participate as a spectator, went to her college to see some of the events. While the festival has improved over its last edition, it wasn't as exciting as the earlier one was. 

On the second day afternoon, the events that I saw included a little bit of bar-tendering, a little bit of unofficial dancing and some other activities, off-stage, there was excitement at the various food stalls. Inas and I partook of some of the many available treats including fried prawns, sev-puri, chi. tikka and a mocktail. I left at half-past five. Later, Nish and I returned after the clinic hours to get some more food for home (we took some more prawns of a different variety and Thai rice with gravy, as also a few hamburgers.) Inas did a good gig with her friends. All in all, a nice experience.

Then, on Sunday, Nish and I went to our get-together, the famous "meniz". In a meniz, a group of friends plan a get-together once every month/few months/or whatever periodicity they like; the get-together is at the place of one of the friends. The place rotates from one member to the other, and the sequence is decided at the very beginning by a draw of lots. My cousins and the two of us have formed such a group with 10 couples, and we began the cycle with the first meniz at MY  residence over 2 months ago. This time, it was the turn of my cousins from Borivali - the Panchas. We travelled by train from Mumbai Central, and arrived at the hosts' residence at 1:00 p.m. The meeting saw us all letting our hair down. We played Antakshari (the song game), Dumb Charades (the acting game) and Chinese Whispers. Enjoyed these.

Earlier, Sakkamaasi, Shabnam, Fatema, Shamina and Yasmin welcomed us with a kokum drink, and served some rather primitive sev puris.We sat for lunch  after the arrival of the late latifs, which, for the first time in many years, we were'nt. Food was catered and quite nice to eat. It included a unique halwa made from besan, a spicy dry chicken and biryani with soup.

At about half past 4:00 p.m., the hosts served us tea and dhoklas. 

All in all, a good time was had by us all, and we started back for home after six p.m.

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