Monday, February 21, 2011

An Old Hobby Rejuvenated

I am, basically, a Nature Lover. If there is a God, Nature is It. Nature teaches, repairs, rejuvenates, delights, and humbles any one who may choose to look at it with an eye full of wonder. I have loved Nature in all its forms - geographical wonders, flora and fauna, geology, marine biology ... you name it, and I have oohed and aahed at its multifarious revelations.

Through childhood, however, most of this was second hand information, i.e. obtained through books, encyclopediae, short or long films, and later, television, where the serials made by David Attenborough, and the other stalwarts stand out, in their ability to enthrall and entertain the viewer. I have done all this, and yet, the person in me wanted to experience all this at FIRST HAND. 

During my teenage and college years, I have gone on many nature treks with college friends or Nature clubs, and some of these were simply excellent. I haven't forgotten my first look at a kestrel, albeit behind a cage at Karnala, or a golden oriole at a Powai trek. 

And now that I have reached a ripe old age of 50, I decided to renew my interest in this old hobby, and have begun by joining the Bombay Natural History Society. I also bought a few books - The Oxford Guide to Birds of the Indian Subcontinent (Pocket Guide to the Birds of the Indian Subcontinent (Helm Field Guides)) and "The Trees of Mumbai". So, here I am, and I hope to be able to share with my readers my Nature Journeys. And yes, here is a link to a book on the only wildlife park located within a metropolitan city anywhere in the world: The Borivali National Park, located inside Greater Mumbai. Look at this book, if you can, and you will be left wondering ... 

I am beginning this blog with my first ever birding expedition to Nerul Mudflats in the month of February 2011. So, sit back, read, and enjoy.

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