Friday, December 23, 2011

Something new ...

To be honest, dear reader, I have never liked Saudi Arabian bread which is called khubs. I suspect it is made from a mixture of cereals, but its main ingredient is refined flour, or maida, something that I assiduously try to avoid as it is definitely not a healthy eating option. I had therefore endeavoured that I would try to see if I can get hold of chapatis. I searched for the ready version, but never found any supermarket (baqalaa) to have any. This weekend, therefore, I set out in search of whole wheat flour. There is just one flour mill, that too, run by a Sudanese, that grinds wheat in front of you and sells you a minimum of 3 kg wheat flour for SR 12. In contrast, ready-made whole wheat flour is available, but only in a 10 kg pack. I bought one for SR 13 yesterday evening, and resolved to start using it by today.

So, I made 7 chapatis ... and here is evidence:

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