Sunday, February 19, 2012

Days 91, Tuesday, 14th and 92, Wednesday, 15th February, 2012

Before I go ahead with the descriptions of the two days captioned in the title, I would like my readers to read the summary of the entire three months' experience that I put in my just completed previous post. This will give you, dear readers, a bird's eye view of the entire experience I have had since I left India. I would also like you all to visit the other pages on this blog, which are of photographs of the Al Muweh Garden, some buildings, homes and other inanimate things I have "touched", and photos of people I have befriended here in this city. There is a post that described the send-off party we had to bid adieu to the Hospital Director Al Raad Saad Haarty.

Okay, so Tuesday was celebrated as the St. Valentine's day in most parts of the world, though, in Saudi Arabia, and in Al Muweh, especially, one would never know about it or its significance or its observation. I heard from some people that in India, 12th Feb is celebrated as "hug" day and the 13th as "kiss" day! How innovative and at the same time ridiculous can the present generation get. 

This was my OPD week, and I could have gone out and even taken leave to go to Ta'if etc. but did not do so as I would end up spending a lot of money, and that too, without any legitimate reason for going. Helping me to take this decision were Drs. Narendra and Shahid (although the latter had not yet landed here till the coming Thursday evening). Mostly, therefore, I did all the routine things that I do here in the Kingdom.

I am happy to report that I went back to my walking schedule within days of returning from my trip to Jeddah and Mecca. Gradually, I have added jogging to my repertoire, and as I write this, I am able to jog for at least 40-45 minutes continuously. In addition to my walk to and from the garden, I am therefore exercising for about 1.25 hours daily, which, in my own humble opinion, is pretty good, since I am able to almost reach my target heart rate. 

On Wednesday, I did not go back to the hospital after lunch and thus, began my weekend a little early.

That's about it for now ... do return to read more entries. Thank you. 

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