Saturday, May 12, 2012

One week in India over ... looking ahead

Dear Readers,

My first vacation in India began last Friday when I landed uneventfully at the C.S.M. International Airport on Friday morning at 9.05 a.m. I was met by Nishrin, and we drove home in an airport-taxi. On the way, we looked in on Inas and Hannah, who were both at Inas's institute (Hakim's Aalim, Versova, where she is in her last few weeks of training as a Hair-care and grooming expert). I met both my daughters with warm hugs. After a while, I went homeward with my better-half, and reached home a little after 11.00 a.m. 

The next seven days have passed in a whirl-wind, as it were, with visits to several places to do several things: at the rationing office, the travel agent (we are, as a family, travelling to Sikkim for a holiday later this month), the post office, the various banks where I have accounts, at the bank from where Inas got her education loan for the last year of her training as a hotel management student (I am clearing off that loan), various shopping areas and malls, relatives' places, and so on and so forth. For the first time, I am experiencing what many of you have already gone through when you return to India for a brief holiday. Believe me, I have now begun to understand why many of you don't find the time to call us or accept our invitations for lunch/dinner. 

It has been a hectic trip so far, but the redeeming thing is the gastronomic pleasures that I am satisfying every single day. I prepared a list of the almost 70-80 things that I miss in Saudi Arabia, and I began to visit all the outlets where I can get those things to eat. On an average, I strike off 2-3 items off that list, and I think I have already satisfied myself on over 20 of those items! The already-completed list includes pani puri, sev puri, chana bateta, batata wada, kabab with lambaa pav, idli sambar, masala dosa, onion utthappa, poha, fish meal (at Apoorva, with the family), mooli paratha and chhole (at a nice Parathas only outlet near Kala ghoda), vegetable sandwich, seekh kabab with tandoori roti, paya with roti, water melon, guvar ki bhaaji, and maybe a few more items. On the to-do list are chinese and korean items, a meal at Shalimar (Bhendi Bazaar), pav bhaji, khandvi, upmaa, bhel puri, pizza, and many more items. LOL.

My unique moments this week have been a) a visit to Nishrin's new parlour where we used to have a joint clinic-cum-parlour at the JJ Junction; she has really done the place up very nicely, and it was a pleasure to visit it; b) a visit to Marol to meet my aging faiji Zehra-faiji and fuwaji Mohsinbhai; c) a visit to meet both the maasis - one at Versova (Zulekhamasi) and the other at Borivali (Sakkamasi) d) connecting with so many people -doctors, friends, neighbours, acquaintances, and even some old patients.

As my vacation enters Week 2, I am looking forward to meeting more of my friends, relatives and others, sampling more foods, and visiting Sikkim on an unforgettable holiday.

Thank you for reading. Please do comment.

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MUHBEEN said...

great u r having a great time in mumbai. have fun. take care of ur weight.