Thursday, October 18, 2012

Preparing to return to Al Muwayh

By the time my friends read this, it will be the morning of Thursday, 18th October, 2012 ... and I would be getting ready to leave my home and proceed to the Chatrapati Shivaji International Airport for my return flight to Jeddah with Air India, the Nation's carrier. 

The last week has been extremely busy; visiting distant relatives,  receiving friends and others at home, and winding up several things related to my own household as well as my parents took up lots of time. Mom has adjusted to her new life without the support of her husband and my father, Mr. Yunus Kagalwala, who died about 8 days ago.

Most of my relatives and neighbours shared their anguish with me genuinely: they called up/came in person/sent their wishes through others. Several people also wished me good luck in advance for the Haj that I am going to perform next week after my return to the Kingdom.
It was a pleasure to meet my family. Nishrin is looking better but complaining that she cannot sometimes cope with the burden of doing so many things in the world ... working at the parlour, looking after the home, arranging the tiffin box for Inas, who leaves for work at half past eight a.m., and so many other thousands of tasks that she performs with aplomb.

Inas works at Juice salon at Colaba (at Wodehouse road). She has to do a lot of models before she can be accepted as a Juinor Hair stylist.

Hannah is appearing for her end-of first semester exams. She would complete this by tomorrow, i.e. at the same time as my departure from India.

Nishrin is busy with her salon as well as before, and is looking forward to an even more challenging time in the festival season that is upon us in India.

That's all for now ... thanks for reading.                      


Nabila Hassan said...

Best wishes for the safe arrival Dr Taher :) wish to hear from you soon.

drtaher said...

Thank you, Nabila, for your good wishes.