Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A soft return

Perhaps I have been neglecting my first baby, this blog, for too long, as I have been only pampering my Arabia blog. The reason is that I do not find the time to write as much as I used to before. My stay in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now crossed a year, and life has been a mixed blessing as of now. My most recent post there has an account of what I have or haven't achieved out there. 

Back in India, my family is coping with my absence with an amazing flair. Nishrin has learned to do most things on her own ... things she never used to do when I was in India with her. As for example, managing the bank work, looking after both my daughters, financial planning, etc. And, on top of that, I am happy to note that her own business has looked up like never before. Earlier, we used to run our professional work (my Pediatric clinic and her beauty salon) from the same premises. This rather strange mix had caused many of her clients to stay away because of an invasion of their privacy. Acknowledging that I am no longer at that place has made many of her clients return and added several more. 

Inas, my elder daughter, continues to work at a reputable hair salon in Mumbai. She has a big ambition of making a mark on the profession. I would love to sponsor her to go to the U.K. to take further training, but she probably wants to do it on her own, and is thinking of working in the Emirates to earn some money so that she can sponsor her own training. I am really proud of her now. She has matured into a much more self-assured woman.

Hannah is making a mark too in her own way. She has been managing, with a team, several internal and inter-collegiate cultural events, and is poised to do much more with her self-development. She has applied for "internship" at many places and is awaiting a call from someone to absorb her for a few months to two years so that she can enhance her C.V. If any of my readers is looking for an eager, fast learning fresher, she is available (only for Mumbai, of course)!

Mom is finishing her period of solitary stay in the next month, and as I am also planning to go to Mumbai around the same time, I am hoping her "coming out" will be smooth and she will relax, finally, after a long time.

Both my brothers and their families are doing well. 

That's all for now ....

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