Friday, April 19, 2013

A fortnight after my return

It is approaching mid-night on Thursday, 18th April, 2013 as I write this. A few minutes and a new day will start ... I am off-call this week, and was able to amply utilitse the off-hours in the past six days to continue studying for my up-coming examination in MRCPCH Part II. For this exam, I have already received the entry pass in the form of a hall ticket, and I am now counting the days to the exam, which is on Tuesday 14th May 2013 in the King Saud University premises at Riyadh.

Unlike the experience I had with the Part I exams in October last year, the syllabus and the level of questions for the second part are not just more numerous, or more detailed, they are also more complex and require the reader to possess a much deeper level of knowledge as compared to the past. As my readers probably know, I have a paid subscription on an exam-practice site, but I have yet to even complete their entire question bank - so behind am I in my studies. Today, earlier, I attempted a complete mock paper and am ashamed to report that I did badly on that one. I hope and I pray that my final performance is much better than this one and that I am able to clear the exams. I also request you, dear readers, to send a prayer for me.

In other news, I am happy to report that my younger daughter Hannah has now landed a job with the India Today's marketing wing, and is busy through the entire day trying to sell advertisements for their various media offerings. My wife and I have jointly put down a 10% down payment on an apartment in a multistorey apartment complex being built by IndiaBulls Real Estate at New Panvel. The project comprises construction of over 10000 apartments and has been called India Bulls Greens. Nishrin booked a flat on the 26th floor of an expected 32 floor tower, and the flat number is 2601. 

Inas has been given additional responsibilities in the Juice Salon.

My mother was admitted for a respiratory infection and was discharged only today morning. She probably would have gone to stay with Murtuza and his family (Murtuza is my youngest bro).

That's it for now ... will write infrequently this month on account of the examinations, but do look for my fresh entries after my examinations are over. 

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