Thursday, May 09, 2013

The Weekend Before my exam ...

In another 4 days, I would be sitting in a classroom inside King Saud University in Riyadh, selecting answers for the questions that can either make or break my effort to pass the second leg of my MRCPCH examinations. I have sort of completed revising the questions on the Pastest website (where I had subscribed to study way back in December 2012), and now, I would be reading some stuff from books and taking their mock exams today and tomorrow. On Saturday, or perhaps Sunday, I would start for Riyadh, and get familiar with the important places in this supposedly very advanced capital city of Saudi Arabia. An internet friend of mine, Mr. Mohammed Siddiqui, is helping me with reserving a hotel room before I reach there, and to him, through this blog, I send my sincere thanks. It will be exciting to meet this gentleman whom I have known through an online mailing list called "Nukkad" for over 8 years. Alas, neither the list, nor the parent website, are any more functional or operational. 

In other news, I have been busy studying the whole of last week, trying to remember as much as I can of this vast subject of Pediatrics. It appears that there is no end to its complexities! Over the last week, I have attempted, then re-attempted, more than 1000 questions over the net. In most cases, the explanation that follows the selection of the correct alternatives is so difficult to digest, that I fear I am going to fall short of clearing this exam! Then again, I am fairly confident that the exam is based on pure logic and over 50% of the questions are based on clinical scenarios, with which a professional like me with over 24 years of clinical experience cannot but feel comfortable. 

I have received good wishes from many of my local and international friends, but I need your prayers ... now, more than ever. I hope to be able to return after a week and share the experience with you all, my dear readers.

To end this blog, I must thank my co-pediatrician Dr. Yasser, with whom my equation is on a much stronger footing now. He has been very understanding and has allowed me uninterrupted studying even during my duty hours. Thanks are also due to some of my close ER doctors, who have often pro-actively abstained from disturbing me during my on-call days. In particular, I must thank Drs. Imaam, Magdy and Mohammad. (For those not familiar with these names, they are either Egyptian or Sudanese doctors who work as resident ER doctors in the kingdom.) Finally, I must thank the medical director Dr. Shehabeldin, without whose understanding, I would have been "lost" here.

That's all for now.

P.S. My family back home is doing fine.

A new city will be on my horizon next week: Riyadh. Visit the blog to read more about it and my exam next week. Thanks.

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