Sunday, July 21, 2013

Loud thinking - charting a course for the final exam of the MRCPCH series and some other stuff.

A weekend is about to end, with little activity at the hospital. I am gradually gearing to start my studies for Part 3 of MRCPCH, which I intend to appear for in 2014. We have a study group on Facebook, but currently, there is hardly any activity here. I have downloaded many videos and files from the net, including many from Youtube that are actually posted there by Dr. Mostafa Elbaba via his MRCPCH 2009 website. I am planning to attend a workshop for the exams in November 2013 ... if possible. 

I am also investigating which books will be needed for off-line studies, but haven't figured out this yet. There are no online courses for part 3, since much of the knowledge needed for this examination will be based on case studies, clinical experience and communication skills. I have to work out how to present clinical cases as there is no case work in Al Muwayh. On the other hand, my theoritical knowledge can be increased to a much higher level than before if - and that is a big IF - I can sit down to serious reading.

What distract me from studying are my various online activities, TV viewing, sleeping, chatting and roaming around in my village. I do not yet know how I will cut down on all these things as the days pass. So far, Allah has been benevolent with me and I passed both the first and the second parts of the exam at first attempts. Whether the same will happen with part 3 or not is something only Time and my own efforts will tell. 

My partner Dr. Yasser is due to leave for his annual vacation next week. Thus, I am likely to be grounded for the next few months in my village as I will be perpetually on call. I wish to take at least one break, provided the Muderiya will find me a substitute to replace me for 4-5 days. This would be when I go for the Asian-Oceanic Neurology Conference in Riyadh in mid-September. I haven't registered for this conference as yet, as I am not sure I will be allowed to take leave for the conference when the time comes.

In other news ... there is nothing happening, except that I do not have many emergency calls. The resident doctors of my hospital here are now well-trained to handle ER cases in pediatrics. This weekend, I had just one call from the delivery room to attend a newborn. Nothing else so far. The weekend ends in another 9 hours. Let's see what the night brings.

That's it for now ...

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