Thursday, February 20, 2014

The weekend looms large ...

All this week, I had to commute to and from the hospital without my car. As my readers are aware, my car stopped working some days ago, and I sent it last Saturday to Ta'if to get the engine repaired. I have had to take lifts from diverse people, and the experience has, sort of, refreshed the memories of my first year here in Saudi Arabia when I had no car and used to rely on colleagues or total strangers to go from one point to another - both, within Al Muwayh, and also when I needed to go to Ta'if or further onward either to Makkah for an umrah or Jeddah to proceed on my flights to India. 

This week, some of my saviours have been guys from the security section, kitchen, engineering department (maintenance guys), total strangers from the village, former patients who know me and my own doctor colleagues, of whom I must mention, in particular, my friend Dr. Emaam Sayed (from the ER). These guys have selflessly helped me out whenever I have needed them. 

On Tuesday, I sent a sample of my blood for "glycosylated Hemoglobin (HbA1c)" (a test that tells you about how well you have controlled your sugars in the past six to eight weeks BEFORE the test was taken). Normal people have levels under 4% of the total hemoglobin, and the ones who have diabetes usually get higher levels of this chemical in their blood. In the past, I have been very reckless in my diet, and have seen my test results going even up to 11%. About 5-6 months ago, I added vilbaglutide to my drug regimen (a novel drug suggested by my Mumbai-based friend cum endocrinologist Dr. Raghunath Phatak). Last, but not the least, I have begun homoeopathic medicine for my allergic skin AND  diabetic problem. I am not exercising much, so the effects on my illness are a joint effect of all these confounding factors.

Thus I am very happy to share with you the result of my most recent HbA1c result: it has fallen over a per cent in the last 3 months. It was hovering around 8% when I went to India on my annual vacation; yesterday's result is only 6.75%. This is great news for a person like me who is trying to fight his diabetes since over 14 years!

Today, I finally received my appointment letter stating that I was now, officially, the Hospital's Patient Safety Director. The previous incumbent (my Sudanese medico friend Dr. Amr' Hilal) was endorsing me the range of responsibilities of the P.S. director, and, from whatever I have discussed with him, it does look daunting! (Here's a self-motivator then: remember that I will have to perform my new duties with dedication, honesty and integrity.)

That's it for the day.

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