Sunday, March 30, 2014

End of the on-call week ... a small collection of memories for the last week.

Yes, the on-call week is coming to an end within the next 12 hours as I write this. Over the week, I hardly had any emergencies, so light was the work. Partly, this was due to the school holidays that are currently on, and which will get over today. Partly, it may be due to the spring season that seems to be prevailing all over the Kingdom. Winter ended a few weeks ago, and the terrible heat of summer is yet to arrive. As a result, respiratory illnesses are at a minimum, as are serious cases of diarrhoea, high fever or other problems. Lastly, partly, it may be due to the increasing efficiency of our resident doctors, who are now able to deal with most of the common ailments that the local children are brought to the E R with. 

On Saturday morning, I went out for breakfast: a delicious paya and roti affair in a local Pakistani restaurant. The roti was the huge Pashtu roti, and I was barely able to eat half of it. Even so, my stomach got bloated! I skipped lunch as a consequence. At tea-time, I had time to prepare a pizza from a ready-made pizza package; unfortunately, I did not know how much heat to give it through my micro-wave and it got burnt. At the same time, the taste of this ready-made pizza wasn't so bad!Never mind ... as they say, it can only get better from the next time. 

On Saturday, I also went to visit a new garden that the Al Muwayh municipality has been building since over six months on the highway on the side opposite to the side of the village. The access of this garden is not yet finalised, so that people who are travelling from Taif to Riyadh will have to wait for some time before they can drive off the highway and relax in the garden and in the many shelters that the workers are making over there. Part of the garden has been already prepared, and the grass, all natural, is verdant there, already inviting many feathered guests! The rest of the place is not yet ready, but will be, I was told by one of the workers, in the next few months. 

On Thursday night, I played tennis with Dr. Essam Gheith: he has purchased a complete set of two racquets and a ball; this was the second such instance, actually, as we had played for a short while a couple of weeks ago. This time, however, it was better for me, as I got into the swing of things. For the net, we used a hanging rope tied across two light poles. It was not as bad as it seems to be, and we volleyed for about half an hour or so, with a few breaks in between for others to play and for chai

On Saturday afternoon, I lost my satellite TV signals, and it was late on the same day that I could get hold of a mechanic who agreed to come and right the problem. It was not that I was missing much, but I am kind of restless when things I should be able to control don't seem to respond to my "orders". Hence, I rested only after the problem was corrected - the dish on the terrace needed some adjustment, that's all. 

Anything else? No, not really. Awaiting your comments and feedback on this rather inane entry ... but it does reveal some stuff that I care about or that I wish to share with my readers from all over the world.

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