Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Day 2 of the Relaxation trip: Thursday, 17th April, 2014 and the next day's account in brief

Today, I woke up around nine o'clock. My legs were aching a lot, owing to the hectic evening I had spent in Makkah the previous day. I took a breakfast of omelet and chapatis at the Thara Restaurant, then drove to the Muderiya to get some answers on my vacation as well as the replacement for Dr. Yasser. To this end, I first approached one Dr. Zohair. He is the one who handles the vacation requests of doctors from different hospitals of the Ta'if region. He was quite receptive today, and after looking at some tables and charts, he gave me a thumbs-up and informed me that I could, after all, go ahead with my June vacation for the course that I would be attending in Bangalore for the upcoming Clinical exams for MRCPCH (I am planning to appear from India in September this year.)

Relieved at this news, I next went to meet Dr. Ahmed Ashraf to ask him if any replacement doctors had come to Taif. He informed me that a pediatrician from Egypt had, in fact, come to the Muderiya for placement last month, but she refused placement in Al Muwayh. Whereupon, she had been sent off to be relocated to another region, perhaps Riyadh. Now, as Dr. Ashraf told me, he had a list of about 30 doctors who had been selected in interviews all over the world, and of these, 5 of them were pediatricians. Two of these had additional neonatology experience, and would be placed in Children's Hospital, Taif. That left three possible doctors, who, when they came to the K.S.A., might get located to Al Muwayh.

Thus informed, I left the Muderiya, and spent most of the remaining day doing nothing much in particular. In the evening, I had a meeting with a group of doctors who had checked in into the same hotel where I was staying. These doctors, who regularly get  together to stay in this same hotel, come from dispensaries in the surrounding areas. While three of them were from Pakistan, there was one Dr. Farrukh from Kashmir, India. The three doctors included one Dr. Rashid, one Dr. Shahbaz and one Dr. ___ - the last one was just a few weeks away from final exit as he was emigrating to Canada. I spent a long time with these doctors, then went to my room to have the daily study session on Skype, then went to the Asian restaurant for dinner, and finally got together with the doctors again to play cards and have a general chat with them. It was at 1:45 A.M. that I took leave of these doctors and retired to my room to sleep.

The next morning saw me get up late, see a little TV, then descend for lunch. At about half past 3 in the afternoon, I finally left Taif and returned to my village, where I reached by seven p.m., well in time for the evening Skype session with my study group. Thus my three day vacation came to an end.

That's all for now.

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