Monday, May 19, 2014

Start of a new week, and a few things to share

Of course, in Saudi Arabia the new week begins on a Sunday. My first day in this week was rather hum-drum. The work at the hospital was as usual. There were less than 10 patients through the day, a happy circumstance. However, as the days pass, I am feeling a little low. It's now been over a month since my co-pediatrician left, and I am working alone. I do a lot of creative and educative things, and my life line here is the internet and Times Now. I do speak with my family almost on a daily basis, and that sort of helps me connect with my loved ones. I also participate regularly in group discussions on Skype. Currently, we are a group of 4-5 doctors who meet to discuss cases for the upcoming MRCPCH exams. Finally, I do my studies for online courses that I am currently taking (see my earlier blog for that one). 

Thus, time goes on. My blog has now crossed 29K views, an achievement I am proud of, since the topic is quite unusual. However, at this point, I should thank all my regular readers. I know you are all a bit shy or unwilling to join the dialogue here through comments, but even so, I know that you all love me and are my well-wishers. So, a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU. 

Indian elections are over, and now it is a matter of time before BJP comes to power, NaMo becomes the PM and a cabinet is installed. In these last few days of a Congress-led caretaker government, let us all resolve to strengthen Narendraji's hands. It is indeed a matter of collective pride that a man who used to serve teas in childhood has risen to become the most important executive of a huge country like India. My salutations to Narendra Modi. We, the Indians, are expecting a lot of things from him and we hope and pray that he and his government delivers on those promises.

I intend to take 5 days' leave next week, if I am able to get this leave. It appears that I will get leave as my medical director Dr. Shehabeldin Hussain Mukhtar has now taken this matter seriously and is in talks with the medical director of Zalm (a neighbouring village about 50 km away) to arrange for a substitute doctor to come to Al Muwayh in my place. Amen to that. 

My car is nowhere to be seen/found, and I am beginning to adjust to the thought that it won't ever be found. I guess that leaves me the option of getting another car from someone else and if that old car is found, I can always sell it in the open market. I should probably have my car within a week. In the meantime, I try to take a lift from someone else, or I walk to my destination (which can be tiring on a hot day).

That's the update for now. See ya all. Do keep reading my blog and please do connect to the blog with your email to get automatic updates in your inbox. Thank you.

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