Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Arrival of a new doctor from Kashmir, India

My otherwise "unexciting" life got a boost when I learned that a new doctor was due to arrive in Al Muwayh very soon; this was informed to me by none other than Dr. Ahmed Ashraf, the Egyptian liaison doctor who works in the Muderiya in Taif. Thus, I wasn't surprised when this doctor actually turned up in our hospital on Friday, the 30th of May, 2014. I met Dr. Tahir Mir, a Kashmiri Indian, on Saturday when I went to the hospital on my normal work day. 

Dr. Tahir Mir hails from Srinagar. He showed me his area of residence when I was showing him photos of Srinagar that my family and I had taken when we had visited Kashmir way back in 2006. He has come to Saudi Arabia with his better half and his lovely 10-month old daughter Asma. Dr. Tahir did his medical graduation from Kazakhstan, from where his mother hails. His wife, too, is a Kazakh. However, he has spent about half his life in Srinagar. For the last few years, he was working as a medical resident in the Maldives. He speaks Russian, Hindi-Urdu, basic Maldivian, and zero Arabic.

I have been with Dr. Tahir for the last few days, trying to help him to move about in the town, as well as helping him find a place to stay in. For the present, he is lodged in a room inside the hospital, but he has to move out within a day or two. 

I would have loved to have a room-mate, but as Dr. Tahir is with his family, I will continue to live alone, as I have been doing thus far.

Yesterday, I went to the Muderiya to pick up my passport for my upcoming holiday. Dr. Tahir came with me, as he had to submit some important documents to our liaison officer, Mr. Ali. Dr. Magdi Ahmed, the Sudanese resident who works with us, also came along as he needed to go to King Faisal Hospital for some work. The journey was livened by the presence of these esteemed guests. In my absence, the OPD work was managed by my friend Dr. Emaam Sayed, the Egyptian resident doctor who is now, in more ways than one, a treasured friend.

Just one more bit of news before I end this story: I have been missing many important meetings in Taif - these meetings pertain to my post as the Patient Safety Director - because I am the only Paediatrician here, and I have to remain in Al Muwayh all the time. I have made repeated requests to various guys in the Muderiya, but so far, not received a positive reply regarding the possibility of a second paediatrician joining Al Muwayh soon.                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

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