Saturday, September 27, 2014

A weekend of rest and play

As I write this on the morning of Saturday, I wish to inform my readers that this was my off-call week, and so I am rested and free from any kind of tensions. My colleague is on-call, but also pretty much rested as there is a lull in the flow of patients over the weekend. Remember, the next week culminates in Hajj. Hence, people of Al Muwayh have moved out of the village and are currently either in Makkah to perform Hajj, or have gone to their relatives' places in other parts of the Kingdom. 

On Thursday night as well as yesterday night, I played games of tennis with Dr. Essam, our medical specialist, in a make-shift tennis court just aside the garden. For making a net, we used a light pole and a rubbish can to anchor a clothesline; we covered the line with a large bed-sheet and used clothes-pegs to keep the sheet from flying away. There are no focus lamps, so we usually play wherever the illumination is better. 

The entire Egyptian community comes to the garden on all weekends, and I have, by now, made friends with most of their children. I guess that is what makes me return to the garden each weekend. On Thursday night, Dr. Ahmed Ouf's daughter Rahmaa celebrated her birthday, and I got sweets and cake from there. Yesterday night, it was no one's birthday, but we still got some food from the ladies' enclave ... the place in the dark where the wives of the Egyptian doctors chat in a circle. The tennis was quite good, and I was a bit tired after the game, as the ball keeps going away from the place of play, and I had to run around to retrieve it. The running doesn't tire as much as the bending your back each time to pick up the ball from the ground!

After writing this, I plan to go to Taif to spend an evening at the mall and perhaps meet a few guys here and there.

That's it for now ...

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Hi. I am an Indian paediatrician with 10yrs post MD experience. How much salary can I expect in MOH, KSA.
Thanks in anticipation.