Wednesday, October 01, 2014

In Zalm ... day 2

Yesterday I reached Zalm for my 2-day stint at about 10 a.m. The doctor who was waiting for my arrival is Dr. Hany Moharram, an Egyptian Pediatrician who is quite senior but usually very amiable and friendly. Today, my meeting with him was a bit soured by his impatient temperament bordering on poor manners. I learned from others that he had been pressurising the Medical Director for some days to be allowed to go for 3 days to his family in Taif, but when I received the missive from them, which was in the afternoon the day before yesterday, I only agreed to go there on the next day. Which I did. 

Anyways, Dr. Hany left as soon as I had met him, and the rest of the day passed off without any major event or calls. I had brought a plate of paya with a roti from the Pakistani restaurant in Al Muwayh before leaving that place, and I invited the Zalm ENT surgeon Dr. Baksh to share this with me at lunch. He did come, and we also finished the hospital-provided lunch between us.

I slept in the evening for quite a few hours, and as a result did not get any work done on the net or in relation to my courses. In any case, the rest of the evening passed without incident. I sat with a few other doctors who are also serving at Zalm but have come from other places just as I have; at mid-night, I took leave of them and went to sleep.

Early the next morning, I received a Cesarean section call, and so, I left my room at six a.m. After the job was done, I returned to my room and freshened up for the rest of the day's duty. The duty hours passed uneventfully again. I had just 4-5 patients in the OPD. In the evening, I returned to my room and watched a very endearing unusual film on rollerblade skating for children. The movie is called "Hawaa Hawaai" and featured child artistes in the main roles. I guess it was released sometime in 2013. I would recommend that my readers do try and see this movie if they can. 

That's it for now.

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