Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day 2, Ahmedabad: Six days to Exam Day

Let me begin with what happened yesterday evening. As I had written, my friend Dr. Paresh arrived soon after I had shared my previous entry on this blog to Facebook. He has changed a lot since I last saw him a year and a half ago in Al Muwayh. After he exited the Kingdom and returned to India, he has again gained weight, and how! He confessed he has put on 15 kg after his return. He hasn't blamed anyone other than himself, though, and says he is "obliged" to attend several family functions in the last few years. At  most such functions, he ends up eating a lot of unhealthy, butter or ghee-laden food. I had no option but to laugh with him and share my own food-and-weight-related escapades both here and abroad.

He had come on a Honda Activa scooter, and he invited me to go with him and spend the evening with him. I agreed and off we went. First, he took me around the local area, showing me the Roza of Syedi Qutbuddin Shaheed, where there were a lot of Bohra men and women wandering about. Next, he rode down Naroda road for about 4-5 km till we came upon a restaurant called Desi Tadka. It was about 6.10 p.m., and the owners told us the place would open for business only after 7 p.m. We then went to a neighboring tea and snacks outlet, and settled down to have tea. Over tea, Dr. Paresh spoke about his life and specially about how he was busy making a lot of side money investing in stocks in the NSE market. I picked up a few tips from him.

At seven o'clock, we moved to the other place, where we sat down to a luxurious early dinner of Gujarati foods. We ordered a "ringan no oro" (a dish of coal-cooked brinjals and other mixed vegetables) and a "stuffed brinjal" (stuffed with a paste of onions and other vegetables)  with bajra rotis. The food was delicious. I returned to the hotel at about 8.40 p.m., and then we parted. 

Today morning, I woke up at half past eight, and went down to breakfast at about 10 a.m. They served poha which was quite good, but I could see that their preparation is completely different from the one that we make in Mumbai. After this, I returned to my room and studied till half past 1 p.m.- before descending to the restaurant for a delightful lunch of authentic "undhiyu" and tandoori rotis. To top it all, I even had a plate of rice and dal and a cup of tea.

Now it is evening. I have put in more than 2 hours of study with a Skype session with my friend Sanjay Shukla and am raring to read more. That's it for now. Keep praying for my success. Thank you for reading and bye, dear reader.           

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