Saturday, February 28, 2015

A week past, and for a week ahead

I write this on a Saturday, the usual off-day in KSA, and at approximately noon-time. I am quite satisfied with the progress of my application to end my service here, for reasons that I cannot make public here. I have had a great time here in Saudi Arabia. Three years of my service ended in mid-November 2014, but I could not terminate my contract at that time as I needed to work here for at least another year. However, on coming back here from my India vacation, I have chosen to resign from here and plan to leave as soon as possible to be with my family in India. 

In the past week, I started my resignation process by first drafting a request letter at the Muderiya with my ex-Medical Director Dr. Shehab, who works in the mutaaba department (which investigates complaints from patients). He wrote out my letter in Arabic. With this letter, I went to my hospital director Mr. Ahmed Farah, who read the letter and immediately agreed on my request. A few days later, armed with this letter and a few formal papers that I got from the HR department of my hospital, I returned to the Muderiya, and after romping through different areas of the directorate, I finally submitted my papers to the relevant person, and returned the same evening to the hospital.

The next day, news arrived that I would be serving a substitute duty in Zalm for a whole week beginning the coming Sunday. Well, I tried to refuse this, as I thought the Muderiya might need my help the next week - and perhaps the Director of Health Affairs of Taif might want to speak with me and try and dissuade me from resigning. (There is a shortage of doctors in the Kingdom, but in Taif to a maximum extent.) However, the medical director and his assistant Mr. Mutaib called me to their office and asked me to go to Zalm, and gently reminded me to be on the good side of the Muderiya, or my resignation process could "get" delayed.

Hence, I acquiesced. I will go to Zalm tomorrow. In the meantime, I am busy packing my things ... I have already nearly finished packing my books, and half of my eatable stuff. Clothes and utensils from the kitchen are yet to be packed. Also, I am trying to negotiate with people who might want to buy off my furniture, appliances, etc. And, of course, my car. Let us see what happens ...

Thank you for reading this specially relevant installment of my blog.

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