Friday, March 13, 2015

More visits to Taif over the last week

In the last week, I went to Taif three times! That's on last Sunday, then Wednesday, and finally, on Thursday. The first time was to get a final reply on my application for an exit, which was refused by all the top honchos, who claimed they could not circumvent an order issued by their boss. This included Dr. Mohammad Shehry and Dr. Abdurrehman Zaharani. Eventually, they agreed to allow me to go to India on an emergency leave. With this, I returned to my hospital and applied for a leave, which was granted immediately by the hospital director (acting) Mr. Metab. However, he checked back with Dr. Shehry's office before inking his own signature on the approval paper.

With all my papers, I returned to Taif - but they told me that one of my papers needed the signature of the hospital director in the ORIGINAL (so a faxed letter sent afresh from my hospital would not do). Therefore, I returned to my hospital and after getting the fresh signed letter, I went back on Thursday to complete my work and got my passport and visa in hand.

Will travel to India within 10 days ... inshallah.

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