Monday, May 18, 2015

Back in the Kingdom

On the 15th of May, I flew back to Jeddah and reached Taif in the evening. This being a Friday, I had to wait for 2 nights before completing my re-induction formalities in the Health Directorate. As I was more than a month late in re-joining after my vacation, I was asked to fill out explanation forms and was told that, as per the rules, my contract had lapsed and would have to be re-activated after agreement from the higher-ups. The entire process took up most of Sunday. I had a few more issues to clear, so I made a decision to stay for one more night and complete the remaining work on Monday morning. Thus, as I write this, I am happy to inform you that I have completed all the remaining issues and will travel back to Al Muwayh by the evening.

The last three days have been relaxed. I slept a lot on Friday, removing the layers of tiredness from my face! On Saturday, I roamed around a little, meeting some guys I know, and spent a bit of time in the "jawal souq" (mobile market) and got a few problems with my Note 3 ironed out. On Sunday, most of the day was spent in the health directorate. 

Now that I am back in KSA, I have decided to work till the end of the current contract. I may or may not renew this contract, depending on what happens during the ensuing 4+ months of my present contract. I will be penalised for my delayed return from India. Already, they have deducted one months' house rent from my yearly allowance. There is a possibility that they may also deduct one months' salary.

Anyways ... let whatever is to happen, happen. I am ready for anything now. But, yes, I am really ready for any kind of challenge.

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