Thursday, July 30, 2015

The last six weeks of my stay in Saudi Arabia have begun

Yes, friends, I am leaving this job very soon. My final exit is approximately due in the last week of August or early days of September. As such, the last 5-6 weeks of my life here in Saudi Arabia have begun. I am definitely not going to be emotional about it, as my future beckons me strongly. The last three months have been filled with work, but outside work hours, I have had time to relax, to read, to watch movies and TV serials, to chat with friends and family, and to continue some element of study here and there. 

My acceptance of exit from this country was approved by the Ministry of Health, Directorate of Health Affairs in Taif a couple of weeks ago. Once that paper came, I became sure that I would leave as per my end of contract. I worked during the Eid period, thereby entitling me to an additional 4 days of holidays. To this, I added a further 26 days of holidays that lie in my balance for the current year. I have therefore obtained a vacation of a month (26 + 4 days). As my contract ends on the 3rd of October, I will be able to leave around the 3rd of September. 

I am not openly disclosing my plans for what I will do once I return to India. Perhaps I will try for a new job in another country, perhaps either the UAE or the UK. Let's see what happens. 

In the meantime, my family is doing fine, as is my mom, who, however, is now confined to her house, barring some social outings to her sons' (either my place or my brother's place) homes. I am growing impatient to meet them.

Back here, I keep experimenting with food. I made goat's legs (trotters) - once about 3 weeks ago, and then again, yesterday. I seem to have mastered the method of making them, as they turned out just fabulous on both occasions. Today, one of our ER residents, a Sudanese by the name of Dr. Asiya, brought a Sudanese preparation of fish curry. It was absolutely delicious. I had it with brown bread (khubz burr) in the afternoon. Life goes on ...

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