Sunday, August 16, 2015

Life in Arabia is nearly at an end, and I will resume blogging from here

Some people strongly believe in the phrase "Que, sera, sera" and leave it to the Supreme Being or destiny to chart their lives for them. In this life, many merely swim with the tide, and only a few have the courage to swim against the current and define a new life for themselves. You might say I was courageous when I closed my 25 years of practice in India and moved to Saudi Arabia to begin a new earnings and life chapter in November 2011. Or, you could say that I was a coward who, being unable to move with the times, decided to leave it all and emigrate to somewhere else (an escape from reality). I leave this judgment to you. However, and this is true, I defined all the tasks I must complete before I left KSA. These included financial, moral, religious and other tasks, the details of which you can find on my other blog HERE, and HERE

I had initially planned on three years in KSA, but, owing to circumstances outside my control, I have had to do one more year here, but now, I am on the verge of completing this final year as well. I have met all my goals that I set out in the blog posts shared with you above. 

Now, I am ready to do more with my life. Yes, I am older, but I am still brimming with knowledge, skills and activity, and I am not ready to call it a day as yet. I will disclose my plans in the days to come, but one or two things I can share with you here.

First of all, I am planning to continue working overseas. It is probably futile to consider working in Mumbai again, for more than one reason. The main reason is that my clinic premises do not exist any more, as Nishrin converted this into her salon more than a couple of years ago. I have not made enough money here in the Kingdom to look for another shop! Also, I would be starting my practice afresh, and this is not a happy scenario in a big city like Mumbai with over 1500 qualified Paediatricians, 50000 plus General Practitioners and over a lakh quacks, who are all seeing children day in and day out. Besides all this, I am not ready to compete again in the rat race, and I have no stomach for playing the game that doctors in this vast metropolis play to augment their incomes. I am sure astute readers will understand what I am pointing to. 

Secondly, I have decided to enter some form of enterprise that will give me residual income, viz. business. Ethically, doctors cannot enter into a business as proprietors or owners, so I am considering investing somewhere. I welcome ideas from my readers on where I should put some of my money (it isn't much, mind you, and I am not looking at buying property, land or stocks, so please don't give me those suggestions). This is just a mental idea right now, but I am wondering if running a pharmacy might be considered as a possibility. Or something else. 

That's it for now. Do return to keep reading this blog. I intend to post again in a few days. Thank you for reading.


Chand said...

congrats and good luck in all up and coming endeavors

Sanwar Agrawal said...

Your post makes an interest reading.
Any one who treads on an charted path leaving the coccon of comforts of an already settled working, I shall call him courageous, I was in similar situation when I closed my working nursing home to forge a new alliance and begin my dream group practice project EKTA! I have never regretted that decision and never looked back.
I wish you all the best for your future endeavors.