Thursday, September 03, 2015

Winding up: Nearly Game Over

The last four days have been very busy indeed, as I am trying to wind up my affairs here in the Kingdom. Several tasks still remain to be completed, but I am hopeful that I will be able to do so in the days to come. I visited Jeddah twice in the last 2 days, and had the occasion to meet my cousin Juzer and his family again today. This was my chance to renew contact with my ailing cousin. His contribution to my experience in KSA is immense, as he helped me find my way in the first few months. I admit I have been remiss in contacting him or in keeping in touch with him, but this is something that happens. We did manage to contact each other through social apps like Whatsapp from time to time. 

Discretion prevents me from talking about his health issues without having taken his permission; suffice to say that he hasn't completely overcome the problems that affect his health. His wife Memuna and his son Abi Talib are both extremely helpful to Juzer, as he is a bit incapacitated. 

My father's eldest sister Zehra-faiji Attarwala passed away yesterday night, so our meeting in Jeddah with each other also helped us to offer condolences in the traditional way to each other (Taaziyat),

I had work at the Insurance company (the one that has procured for me the comprehensive medical negligence policy); I had to request them to refund the money I have paid to them for the next 2 coming years.

After this, I had to go to the Indian Chancery (the equivalent of the Consulate General) to pick up a certificate declaring that I have no adverse stuff pending against my name. I hope this letter will be okay in lieu of the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) that the new job guys have asked me to bring, because the latter will be nearly impossible to obtain. The best guess was that it may take 10 more days for the police to come back with a rock solid PCC.

I returned to Taif at eight p.m. ... and went for dinner later in the evening, before coming back and writing this entry. Do leave your comments for me.

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