Monday, January 23, 2017

Family Vacation in the U.K., 6th October 2016, Day 7: Sightseeing in London and onward to Cambridge

Today, we made grandiose plans to visit at least three attractions - viz. the Museum of Natural History, the Victoria and Albert Museum and perhaps one more --- before moving on the later part of the afternoon to drive to Cambridge, our next destination.

In the event, we only managed to see the Museum of Natural History. It was vast beyond comprehension. The museum is laid out over 5 storeys, and the inanimate world occupies three of those. For example. there were many exhibits of early civilisation, stories from the physical world, the world of scientific phenomena of nature, the stories of the mineral deposits within the earth's crust, and the story of evolution. In particular, the physical phenomena floor was really interesting. There were sections on earthquakes and volcanoes, waves and energy from the sea, wind energy, nuclear physics and what not. 

The displays on the minerals included hundreds of exhibits of semi-precious and precious stones and base minerals of the planet both. 

Moving on, the clear favourite was the huge exhibits in the natural history section. We literally waded through gallery after gallery of animal species. The one on dolphins and sharks took about 15 minutes to just pass through. The same was the case with the huge gallery on mammals. Finally, the piece de resistance - the vast gallery on dinosaurs, with moving models, skeletons, dinoramas, and so on. 

Take a look at some of the photos from this amazing visit: Click HERE.

Central hall with skeleton of Diplodoccus

A Rare Blaschko model of a sea creature

Another view of the central hall

An exhibit of hummingbirds in a tree

How water erosion smoothens a stone

Precious amethyst stones

Semi-precious coral jewellery

Model of a dolphin

Outside the Museum of Natural History

Stuffed bald eagle

Tectonic lines along the planet as we know today
By the time we finished our entire visit, we had run out of time to visit any other gallery. Hence, we simply went to the car rental agency and drove out of London to Cambridge, our next stop. 

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