Saturday, July 19, 2008

My smaller clinic sold

For all those familiar with Mumbai, I have a clinic in a location called Nagpada for the last over 12 years. It is a small place, with floor area of just 145 sq. ft. on the agreement, and a little over 100 sq. ft. in reality. It was my main clinic for the past nearly 12 years, or till I shifted to my new clinic premises near J.J. Hospital. You will find the entries to the new clinic's inauguration in the back pages of this very blog!

Well, I have sold off this old clinic for a fair consideration, to a businessman-cum-investor, who is likely to rent it out to someone in the future.

I have about 15 days to vacate the premises. I am going about the emptying of the place in a sort of romantic way, opening and reading through all the old diaries and files, cutting out nostalgic entries and pictures, remembering the patients who I saw here in the past over 18 years (before I bought this particular clinic on June 1, 1996, I used to sit within the premises of another doctor just two doors away in the same building, paying him a rent of over 2500 Indian rupees each month to use his place for two hours everyday).

The nostalgia is worth every moment. I haven't shed tears yet, for the separation, though a little heart-wrenching, is not all that sad an event! I have always separated from things and memories without much emotional baggage, and this will be similar to that! However, the cuttings and the other old stuff will be there to remind me of the days spent at the old place.

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