Friday, July 04, 2008

A family grieves, and moves on

When a person dies, a part of the family he was in also dies. Irretrievably. I have often wondered how people who lose their near and dear ones come to terms with the irreparable loss. I sawthis happen with Idris uncle's death. His eldest sister and elder brother both must have felt his passing away quite a lot. While the sister gave vent to her grief openly, his brother (my father) took it stoically in his stride. He did not cry or grieve openly. There were others who had tears in their eyes; some cried on seeing the face of the dear departed; others came in crying, their eyes already blood-shot and their mien disturbed.

After listening to many of those present, an image of a fun-loving, benevolent and kind person arose before my mind's eye. Several of those present said they would miss his easy banter, his helpful nature and his sunny disposition. So will I, and I cannot say I was as close to him as some of the others were.

After the completion of the third day's formalities, the members departed, and it was on the next day that his two sons came in from the Gulf (Juzer) and the U.S. (Qusai). They will never get to see their dad as they weren't around in his last moments. Their grief will pass, too.

And life will move on.

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