Sunday, August 26, 2012

An update

My studies are now progressing pretty well. I give myself 3-4 hours of study each day, but this is highly flexible and dictated by the other events occurring in my life. My dad has been re-admitted for tube feeding, and upon discharge, the tube that the doctors have passed into his stomach through the nose will probably stay in. He had a chest infection, and this is being treated, with good results, I am happy to report. As per the report my family gave me, he has improved considerably and even started talking now. Alhamdulillah.

My kids are fine, as is Nishrin. I had a long chat on Skype today, and they are doing well.

My hospital routine is going on as usual. Yesterday, the new week started with a bang because it was the first working day after a long Eid-vacation; there were millions of patients (okay, I am exaggerating), and the work was quite a lot. However, by the afternoon, the flow of patients had reduced somewhat.

In other news ... I go to Zalm again for three days starting tomorrow morning. Will keep updating you from there or later as and when I have something good to report. 

Thanks for reading.

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