Thursday, August 30, 2012

Zalm, Day 4

As I write this, on my fourth day of substitutional duty at Zalm, a village about 50 km away from my home town of Al Muwayh, I am reminded of my earlier stint here in May/June. The last time I was here, I had a minor accident while trying to exit from a local supermarket. The step outward was very deep down, and I had twisted my right foot and had had to apply a crepe bandage and walk with a limp for over 2 weeks thereafter. 

As it happens, I sprained my right ankle again at the very same place this time as well! It happened on my second evening here when I visited the supermarket to get some things. It is only after I had sprained the ankle that I recalled the previous incident. 

I got my foot in a crepe bandage the same evening, and now, after 2 succeeding nights and mornings, the pain has reduced considerably, although I still need an analgesic now and then.

Zalm has hardly changed ... I am referring to both, the hospital and the village. This time, I was not too keen on walking, and hence stayed indoors in my room on the first floor of the hospital, adjacent to a Syrian OB-GY doctor who is also here to substitute for the local gyne doctor who has gone on vacation. This doctor is Dr. Nabil; he is over 58, but has a steady hand while operating. I attended one Cesarean section delivery and I saw his work, hence the certificate of his ability. Outside the hospital, he has other good qualities such as soft-spokenness, concern for others and a simple but profound sense of the rightness of any matter.

The meals I get are the same as they were during my previous visits. The  kitchen staff usually makes one vegetable and one fried or roasted non-vegetarian item. Most of the times, they overcook the vegetable, as this is the custom here. The non-veg is generally either fried fish fillets or chicken broast (that is roasted and basted over heat and oil). Can't say I really enjoy them, but they are okay, I guess. 

I did not get proper access to the net on the first day, but later on, it's been better, and I have been able to study for long periods without interruption. My Onexamination stints are okay, and I am consistently able to score around 70% each time I do more than 10-15 questions at a stretch. However, some questions are really tough and I have to go to special internet sites to read about these things ... can't be sure I will pass ... so I keep trying to improve  myself.

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