Thursday, January 25, 2007

A five-day hiatus

A mixed feeling assuages me as I sit to write my eighth entry in this, as yet unseen, blog. I wonder what I must include in the blog so that it comes up in searches by others. Should the key words be dramatic (such as screeching, shameless), violent (banged, thumped, crashed), sadistic, masochistic, truthful, lies, cosmetic, frank, gamely, welcoming type, startling (amazed, screwed, bastard) or what??

Yes, my dear readers, I am at a loss here. My blog ... is it worth anything?


Holly Jahangiri said...

Of course it's worth something. But if you want readers, you must let them know how to find you. ;)

I just did, from the link in your signature in an email. You see?

Taher Kagalwala said...

LOL, it seems to me that you are gonna visit me often. Might as well spruce up my site! How did you find the changes??