Friday, January 12, 2007

Stupid Appetite

At the outset, let me confirm my status as IDIOTIC DIABETIC MORON. Harsh, isn't it? However, all of it is true. Almost all, that is :-)) I am idiotic as I continue to stay with some of the most intelligent people of the world. To wit: my wife and two daughters. They are the most beautiful, the most sensible and the most logically-thinking women this world has seen. And they have convinced me that I am an idiot and a moron. The Glucometer has done the rest and verified that I am a diabetic. So hereI am, a confirmed idiotic, diabetic moron.

To see what I look like, see my first blog on this site. I know you are not convonced that I look like that spiny, loving creature, but I am sure that is exactly what I look like since I have been given these epithets by my wife, my ex-girl-friends, my friends and my trade competitors alike; I have been called "ugly", "a thorny chap" a "bespectacled guy" and many more things. Add it all up, and you will be able to visualise that sweet creature who is depicted in my introductory blog. He he.

More later. Right now, I go and gotta pee.

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