Thursday, January 04, 2007

So, where am I?

I am a Bombayite or, as is more contemporary, a Mumbaikar. I am old but not ancient, good looking but not dandy, sweet but not saccharinous, bold but not so much as to indulge in bungee-jumping, truthful but not biblionic, humorous but not self-deprecating, easy-going but not lazy, web-loving but not married to the net and crazy but not certifiable.

Actually, all these attributes apply to Mumbai as well! ROTFL ...

Practising Pediatrics as my bread-earning profession, I love to surf the web, meet new people and write, write, write. I am already hitched to a lass and have two daughters to show as the result of my not inconsiderable endevours. More about these lollies later.

Wanna read more? Wait for a few more ... er ... hours. Actually, more like a full day as I go incommunicado for various reasons. And to pass the time, why don't you try a game or something on www.zapak.com.

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