Sunday, November 09, 2014

... And now, back in Al Muwayh, on duty

I returned to Al Muwayh in the evening on Saturday. The return trip was with Dr. Niaz Qureshi, the ObGy specialist who works with me in Al Muwayh, and who was also, like me, in Taif for the previous few days. He stays with a friend in a place called Arafa, which is about 35 km from Taif on the way to Al Muwayh. So all I had to do was to pick him up from his station. It was a comfortable ride for us, and we reached our village around half past seven. 

The news from Al Muwayh was nothing much. I had my Skype session at about eight p.m. with three of my colleagues in attendance. All three were females - one, a pediatrician from Mumbai, and two of them, both Egyptian but working in Saudi Arabia. My colleague Dr, Sanjay joined us too after a while and we had good sessions on case presentations and a small didactic talk by one of my Egyptian doctor friends.

For dinner, I had the dal and rice that my room-mate Dr. Afzal had made. His cooking skill is much better now than when he had first arrived in the Kingdom, and it was food that was good and wholesome. 

The switch I made from the modem-based net connection to a wired DSL network has made a significant difference to my internet access. I am now able to open all websites pretty quickly and also do the Skype studies in the evening without much of a problem. This means a loss of nearly SR 350 to me, but, seeing that this is for exams that I plan to give in January, I guess it is okay to take this loss. I am trying to sell off my modem and card to someone else, even if it is at a discount, so let's see where this goes. 

One more thing. Inspired by my attempt to do a crash diet a week and a half ago, my Pakistani acquaintance Mr. Ameer Ali Burq has also begun the diet in right earnest. As per his updates, he has already lost over 5 kg in the first four days! More strength to him. God Bless him and the GM diet, which has changed the lives of thousands of people all over the world.

That's about it.

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