Friday, November 21, 2014

So, what's happening? A tribute to my study colleagues.

Okay, so first out, thank you dear readers for your comments and for your good wishes to me! I really appreciate it. We have formed a small study group. We use various media to study online. For example, we have a group on Facebook where we share files and pictures, videos and schedules. We have a group on Whatsapp where we share questions, videos, and so on. And, finally, we have a Skype group where we practice case scenarios and communication skills. 

I must mention a few of these dear colleagues here. First out, let me talk about Dr. Sanjay Shukla. He hails from Jaipur, Rajasthan. We go back at least a year and a half, since I began studying in mid-2013, and we have been together since then. In fact, we were together in June 2014 when we both went to attend a study course in Bangalore, India. Sanjay is a very pleasant-mannered person, and he is very keen to complete this certification for Membership of the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (MRCPCH in short).

Next on my list is Dr. Imtiaz Beg. He is a young pediatrician from Lucknow, India. He is currently working in Saudi Arabia and stays here with his family. He is a sharp, well-read person, and exudes confidence whenever we meet online. I have learned a lot of things from him, and he continues to inspire me.

Then, there is Dr. Sarita Shenoy from Mumbai. Daughter-in-law of my M.D. guide Dr. N. B. Kumta, Dr. Sarita joined our group fairly recently, but has been a great colleague and I love her way of counselling a patient in mock communication scenarios, as well as her grasp of common paediatric challenges.

On to my friends from other countries then. Last year, one Dr. Ahmed Sallam was the driving force, and he taught us a lot of things that we did not know as we began our journey to MRCPCH Clinical exams. I miss him greatly as he was really confident. Although we have parted ways, I do call him up from time to time and keep in touch with him He works in Madina in the Saudi-German Hospital there. 

Between May and July, I met Dr. Sherif Sharaka online. Like Dr. Ahmed, he, too, is an Egyptian. He works as a Neonatology registrar in a private hospital in Riyadh. When we first interacted, he was just beginning to study, but he learned fast. When I needed a particular study book, he photo-copied the whole book and couriered it to me in Al Muwayh! And this, without any charge. We dropped out because my internet connection at that time wasn't fast enough, and our Skype sessions used to fail as a result.

Many female Egyptian and Sudanese doctors have also been a part of my study circle, and I must mention that they have all been useful to my own understanding of paediatrics. Some of them have provided me with a perfect foil for me to practice my own methods of communication and case-presentations, and to them I am equally grateful. I must mention Drs. Hala, Huda, Eman, Shreen and Nazik.Thank you all.

There are many more such as Dr. Pranav, Dr. Abdulraheim, Dr. Anu, Dr. Shaju ... and I have surely missed some. I apologise for missing any names. But my thanks go to all of you.

And that's it for this entry.

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