Friday, November 28, 2014

GM diet second time around

Encouraged by the two-and-a-half kilogram weight loss I got during my previous stint in October (read this HERE), I decided to repeat the diet again this month. As I write this, the fourth day has just passed. The first three days were great. Unlike my aversion to natural foods last month, I had a much more pleasant experience this time. I was actually looking forward to the diet as I began it on Monday last. The first day passed off smoothly. I never needed to cheat. 

The second day, too, was very nice. I had a fresh green salad at lunch and boiled vegetables at dinner. On day 3, I combined the best foods of the first two days. After three days, I was sure that there would be no further problems. However, I had a spell of low blood sugar on the evening of day 4 (Thursday). The episode caused a feeling of chilliness and profuse sweating. It was severe enough for me to rush to the kitchen, grab the container with sugar and swallow about a tablespoonful of it. Also, I retrieved a dual pack of Snickers chocolates, and had the entire thing. The calorie gain for each bar of 40 g was 200. Also, my condition prevented me from going out to walk, an activity that I have been doing religiously since the past week or so. (I usually walk briskly for about 45 minutes, burning about 260 calories and walking over 4.5 km in the process.) 

The lesson here is that if you are, like me, a diabetic, you need to cut down your medication as the GM diet is low in carbs. Else, such episodes are going to occur. They are called "hypo"s in common parlance.

So, what are the results so far? Well, to be honest, I have never felt better (other than the episode of hypoglycemia that I had today, see above). My BP is down, as is my fasting and post-lunch blood glucose level. I have lost about 1.5 kg in the first three days. My waist is slightly narrower, but I haven't measured it every single day. 

Tomorrow (actually later today) is day 5 and I will be looking forward to eating beef patties and raw tomatoes. I will provide a second update after another 4 days. Thanks for reading this.

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