Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Changes at my clinic premises

Those familiar with my previous entries have already seen photos of my clinic during and after its inauguration circa October 21, 2008. The last room of my clinic was usually not used by me except when I needed to use the wash-room or make tea in a small pantry-like nook out there. This was the room which I had made with the express purpose of either letting it out to some other doctor to have his/her consultation room, or may be start blood-collection/pathology work. However, w.e.f. the first of June, my better half has joined me and has started running her salon from right inside! This necessitated some carpentry/other work, which got done in the last fortnight of May. It cost us about Rs. 25000/-($ 1 = Rs. 42/-) but the work got done in time, and Nish has now moved in with her stuff and staff and does her prettifying work in the last room while I continue to do my consultations in my cabin. There is a time overlap only during my afternoon consultation; in the evening, the work from her end gets over at or around 7.30 p.m. That also happens to be the time I start MY evening consultations. So, time overlap problem does not occur in the evening.

This thing is getting settled now, and there is no further problem ... except that the way the clinic is designed, her clients have to pass through my cubicle to get to her cubicle ... and this is acting as a minor dampener on her clients, some of whom are bashful and would not like to "show" themselves to men who are not related to them. You know, I am talking about the veil and the hijaab. On the other hand, my patients, who are sitting with me in the consulting cabin also get a bit flustered to find women flitting past from outside to within and vice versa. Let us see how this goes ...

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