Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Inas' result

nas' H.S.C.E. result was along expected lines! She has, once again, secured just under 79% ...(her S.S.C.E. result was 79.2%), with over 83% in PCMB and nowhere near the ambitious 85-90% that her mother was expecting of her. I won't say I was delighted with the result, but frankly, I wasn't expecting her to score above 80%, so it was in line with my expectations. We wait now for the CET results, which are due in two days' time. If she scores above 85-88% there, she has a chance of at least trying for dentistry or any other appropriate paramedical line. If not, then there's always hotel management. And that is what rankles Nishrin, who doesn't want her to go for that branch of study. She cried and threw temper tantrums that day right into the night ... now she has accepted the result, I think. Let's hope for the best.

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