Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Firefox Mozilla Stable version 3.0

A few days ago, Firefox 3.0 stable version was released by Mozilla. I downloaded it on the very first day, as I had tried the beta version earlier and had found some of its features very innovative. Now, lest someone thinks me to be a guru on the internet and its related subjects, let me confess that I am as far from being a net-guru as Plutoid (the new name of the erstwhile planet Pluto, the solar system's recently demoted 9th body from the sun) is from the sun! I was interested a) because I am always into checking any and every program for updates and b) because of its great new features.

The features I really liked were the amazing number of compatible add-ons such as extensions, themes and so on; the ability to add a web-page as a "favourite" by simply clicking on a star symbol on the right end of the address bar box; the drop-down list in the address box that lists the title of the web-page, its URL short name, its actual url and some extra contextual material; inherent customisation of its look; the ability to integrate thunderbird and its mail application to it; the excellent download utility; and the reduced number of unnecessary buttons and the like on the browser.

I am telling you all: download this stable version of FF3 and do all of us a favour: it is simple, intuitive and great for those who do not mind a little extra work to enhance their browsing experience.

To download it, click here.

To look for add-ons, browse this page.

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