Monday, June 30, 2008


For the past two months, I have, for one reason or the other, become very irregular when it comes to going to the gym for the daily work-out. Several reasons (or should I say, rationalising) come to mind, and if I sit and dissect each one, almost all will hold no water. Let me list them first, so that you, the reader, will know what I am talking about:
  1. My professional work has increased, making it impossible for me to find the 90-120 minutes needed to do this activity.
  2. My first five months at the gym have produced no weight loss; in fact, I have put on four kg!
  3. A general feeling of laissez-faire
  4. Too many "other" commitments - first, Inas' college admission, then, Hannah's school related running around, and so on and so forth.
I am of the opinion here that I am definitely creating excuses here. Well, a few days here and there may be really busy and my not going to the gym in such cases may be genuine, but I think I am now using that as a blanket excuse to not go. I despise myself for doing this ... this game of trying to deceive myself and not going to where it is absolutely necessary for a person of my age, physique and medical problems to go.

I sincerely hope to break out of this stupid habit and to resume my march towards physical fitness. I joined a web-site called "Spark-people" specifically for this purpose. It is a wonderful site for all those who are fitness conscious. From exercise, to healthy eating, to healthy life-style, to blogging, chatting, public forums, health articles and the ability to set targets and goals etc., it has nearly everything a person would need to achieve his/her goals.

I have been perusing the site regularly for the past few months, but as I noted above, it doesn't seem to motivate me. I am looking for inspiration and advice.

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