Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Day 47, Sunday 1st January, 2012

As I write this entry, I think back to the year that just went by, and note the following high points:

  1. Peoples' movements for change of government in many places all over the Middle East, some successful, and some not so. Similar movements for "change" also occurred in developed countries, esp. in Russia.
  2. Killing of important dreaded terrorists, causing some moments of pause in the terror attacks, though this may prove to be the proverbial lull before the storm.
  3. The hidden economic crisis sweeping Europe and the US of A, threatening and causing stock markets to nose-dive all through the second half of 2011.
  4. The passing away of many Bollywood icons including musicians, actors and playwrights.
  5. The huge tumult caused by evident corruption in high places, the rise and instant fall of Baba Ramdev, and the rise, rise and fall of India Against Corruption and its inspiration Shri Anna Hazare.
  6. The complete decline of UPA II as a coherent coalition in Indian politics and the embarrassment caused by the fall from grace of MMS.
  7. My going away from India to Saudi Arabia. (Well, this is not in the same league as the previous six points for the rest of the world or India, but it is the most important for me and my family!)
  8. The imminent collapse of Indian Cricket. (As I write this, India has just begun its attempt to avoid complete humiliation at the hands of Australia in the second test match).
  9.  ...
Couldn't think of more things, so am ending the list prematurely. However, let me say that I have made significant changes in my own mental state these past few months: apart from being about 50% compliant in Namaaz, I have also renewed many past contacts through Facebook, joined, interacted and contributed to some groups there and elsewhere, and, to some extent, mended my ways while dealing with family ... albeit in a positive way.

Sunday, the second working day of the week ... what an obvious contradiction if viewed through Western eyeglasses ... and likewise, the most logical thing to happen in an Islamic country. I was in the hospital through the morning and afternoon, and stayed mostly indoors in the evening, barring a short 30-minute brisk walk to the hospital and back. I made a brief outing to buy a few necessary provisions, but that is all. 

I have hoarded stuff in the refrigerator (and outside it as well) from all the cooking (which I did last Thursday/Friday), and buying on my visit to Ta'if. Thus, I have several chapatis, chicken curry, mixed vegetables, laban (curd), a pack of 10 Fried Fish fillets with potato chips from Al Baik, two chicken hamburgers from MacDonald's, a few bottles of soft drinks/juices, many sachets of sauces and ketchup,  some jams and preserves sachets, a strawberry croissant, half a loaf of whole wheat bread, cooked rice, some leftover dal, a small pack of curd, butter, cheese spread, etc. Outside the refrigerator, I have a large bar of Cadbury's Hazelnut chocolate, a small pack of biscuits, a half pack of butter popcorn, a small pack of 50 gm of Almonds, small pouches of candy, mixed dry fruit and mixed chick-pea and peanuts, at least a dozen sachets of Mamoul, and some other stuff.

Just wanted to list all these things on a whim :-)

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