Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Days 65 and 66, Thursday and Friday, the 10th Weekend for me.

I was completely free these two days, and had a good time relaxing, walking in the garden, buying stuff to eat from the local supermarkets and surfing the net. Also, I cooked a few things to last me the week. On Thursday afternoon, Dr. Narendra dropped in at my place as his computer was facing some huge trouble and he was unable to open any programs or access the net. It turns out that he had no antivirus on his laptop. The inbuilt Windows XP security adviser kept opening whenever he tried to open any program or file and auto-scanned the computer to reveal 30 "serious threats" and informed the user that the computer was hacked and it would not be able to run the asked-for program.

Dr. Narendra was sceptical of the genuineness of the warning as he has been using the same laptop since a long time without any problems. It was obvious that the security box was a form of Malware. Rightly, therefore, he ignored the warnings, and as I could not help him further, we stopped exploring his laptop for the time being and had lunch, with Niaz joining us with his freshly cooked chicken.

It appears that after he went back to his house, he kept trying to resolve the issue, and by late evening, he had found a way to disable the security box, and was able to run the net and download avast! antivirus program and start a boot scan. By Friday, his laptop was back to "normal". He told me that avast did not find any of those 30 threats/worms/viruses/spyware!

Friday was my wedding anniversary (the real one, LOL, as it was on this day that we, i.e. Nishrin and I,  began to live together as man and wife 22 years ago). I itched to go to Ta'if and have some fun, and to this end, I went on the highway to hitch a ride with some truckwallah, but to no avail. Eventually, I returned to my house, morose and beaten. In India, Hannah took Nish to Phoenix and they had fun shopping. After this, they had dinner at Gajalee, and Inas shared some pictures of the three of them enjoying Basa fish and some Oyster dish. When Nishrin came to know that I had wired money to Inas to pay for the anniversary shopping and the dinner, she was surprised. Her response: had she known that I had sent money, she would have done more shopping! He he.

By the way, this week, I cooked masoor (black dal) and brinjals. On Saturday, I made chapatis.

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