Saturday, January 07, 2012

The Weekend that was: Days 51 and 52, Thursday 5th and Friday 6th January, 2012

The past two days, comprising the weekend, were rather drab, as I was free from duties but sitting in my house and roaming about the town - with no opportunities for an outlet or trip elsewhere. This will continue to be my routine as long as I do not obtain my Iqama. So be it.

Dr. Niaz and I have gradually begun to come closer: he has begun to cook food in a rather quaint way; he usually boils chicken/meat in a large pot with water, salt, chillies and tomatoes. He seems to enjoy this soupy food. As a result, I am unable at most times to share my food with him. However, on Thursday, I offered to share bhajiyas and batata-wadas made by me, and he did have a small helping; on Friday, I served him egg omlette with chapati, and his response was very favourable. He called the fare "excellent". I also made lady fingers this weekend. I am waiting for him to have that. On Thursday evening, we ate home food, but on Friday, we both ate at the Kerala Hotel (Hotel Malabar) located behind our house area abutting the main highway. While I enjoyed fish curry with chapatis/dosai, he had chicken masala with the same accompaniments.

Our walks take us to the Al Moweh garden every evening after Ishaa prayers. Dr. Niaz, initially a reluctant walker, has now become as eager as me to do the walk; he actually bought pumps to wear on his feet. His pace is also quicker now, and he seems to enjoy walking as much as I do. Good for him, as he, too, is a diabetic and has recently put on weight. (He is nearly a dozen years younger than me, though.)

I had a long video chat with my family on Friday evening, and that was a great thing! 

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