Monday, January 30, 2012

Day 75, Sunday, 29th January, 2012

Today began like any other weekday, and the work too was quite light. I saw just about 4-5 OPD patients. In the evening, though, something exciting was in store, and it was the send-off party for the out-going Hospital Director Abu Bandar, or Mr. Raad Saad Haarty. The party was arranged by the hospital's staff and the doctors were to gift Mr. Haarty with a Swiss wrist watch bought for SR 1500/= (the total collected by the doctors). We reached the hospital premises after Ishaa, and waited at the gate for the arrival of the esteemed guest. He came, impeccably dressed, with an entourage of over 15-20 men, and we all went up to the first floor where the party function had been kept. This was in the central hall, which had been bedecked with colourful floor carpets, giant fruit bowls and rows and rows of chairs to accommodate not only the entire hospital staff but also the invited dignitaries. A speaker's lectern was also available and once the chief guest was seated, the others, too, settled down, and the speeches began in earnest. From the doctors' side, a brief address was delivered by Dr. Essam, one of the two General Physicians at the hospital.

The meeting then dissolved for dinner. The dinner was in the form of large trays on which rice and a large chunk of a sacrificed animal was kept - the central one had a camel, with hump and all. I have captured some photos of the event and am posting them here. 

What I liked about the party was the immense respect they gave to the chief guest and his royal entourage; the scale of the gifts that some of them gave to the out-going Mudeer; and the large fruit bowls. The gifts included a real pistol with a shoulder belt containing bullets, at least 2-3 ceremonial swords or khanjars, decorative plaques and large perfume racks with drawers and the like. 

Here, then, are the pictures:

The out-going Mudeer, Mr. Raad Saad Al Haarty (a.k.a. Abu Bandar), who is being gifted a gun with a shoulder belt loaded with bullets.

The successive photos show the wrist-watch presented to the outgoing director by the doctors, the presentation of the watch, the gun given to the Mudeer (a pistol),  the various decorative plaques given to him, the doctors who attended the function and a ceremonial sword given by one of the Saudi invitees.  Last, but not the least, is the photo of the tray with rice and a roasted camel piece being enjoyed by the guests: 


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