Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 67, Saturday and Day 68, Sunday, 21st and 22nd January 2012

The next two days of my stay went off peacefully. Although I was on call, I hardly had any emergency calls. On Sunday night, one of the residents called me in the middle of the night to ask me what treatment was to be started on a child he was admitting for a respiratory illness. In addition, on Saturday, I admitted one patient from the OPD. There were no other admissions and no neonates to be examined. 

In the last two days, a cold wave has swept over the town. Temperatures on Saturday and Sunday touched 3 degrees Celsius in the morning! This cold wave, I am told, may last for a few more days. Anyways, that prevented Dr. Niaz and me from going on late evening walks. On Sunday, therefore, I went for the walk immediately after returning from the Hospital. As Dr. Niaz wasn't with me, I was able to walk more energetically and even do a lot of slow jogging to increase the tempo of my exercise. I decided to go alone from that day onwards, partly because with Dr. Niaz, I am unable to walk fast or jog, and partly because, within a week, Niaz will be leaving for Pakistan on a holiday.

Another news to share is that the local government has erected a massive floral steel monument just outside the hospital at the cross roads that meet each other. This monument has five vertical struts enclosing a steel ball within their apices. I will post a photo of this monument once I have the chance to take pictures of the same.

In addition, the work of re-laying the asphalt on the roads outside the hospital is also going on. These should be ready within a month or less, and then, I think the town will sport a fresh look. It is clear that Al Muweh is the recipient of fairly large sums of money from the king. A new garden is also coming up just opposite the existing one. 

However, within the hospital, walls still have long deep cracks. A large depression opened up near the rear gate about 10-12 days ago, and this has caused the hospital admins to close off one of the main exits of the hospital. The spontaneous pit also underscored the opinion of the engineers that the foundation of the building is weak and cannot, perhaps, remain in this way for a long time. Eventually, the disrepair will increase, and if one of the cracks widen, it may lead to an accident which may cause loss of property or, Allah forbid, life.

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