Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Updates ... and a promise

In an earlier blog, I discussed an interesting case record from my practice. I am happy to inform you all that this child is now making a very good recovery. His tremors have stopped. He recognises his parents and grandparents, smiles and occasionally laughs, he walks, and runs too! It seems nothing less than a miracle that he is doing all these things.

On to some general blogging. I am a member of an internet mailing list called nukkad. This list is archived. Go here to see it. One can join the list by entering one's email address in the box provided on the page and after a confirming link into one's inbox, one can participate in the discussions. I advise readers to certainly look at the archives before joining. To begin with, one can join in with a "digest" subscription, and upgrade it to "individual" posts later on. One thing I can assure you all: it makes for interesting reading. We nukkadites or nukkies discuss everything under the sun, and the sun itself from time to time!

I have begun to write again after a hiatus of nearly a month, and will add more entries as time goes by. Enough for this entry, I think.