Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sachin's New House at Bandra

The above fantastic images are of Master Blaster Sachin' s new house at Bandra. Note the seashell concept. Isn't this a marvellous idea?

Friday, September 11, 2009

Ramadan - more news

Okay, so I started in right earnest by doing the first fast; after this, the rest were a breeze, but I did miss about four or five so far; a couple, I missed because of no particular reason other than the fact that I had more work in the day time and no energy to fast. In spite of these issues, I have managed to remain in good health so far, and intend to fast till the end, which is just about a week away. My last fast will be on the 19th of September and Inshallah, our Eid will be on the following day, that is, the 20th of September, which is a Sunday.

During Ramadan, I try not to talk abusively, to do charity with patients, to avoid confrontations at home and at work, and to generally be a good human being. Whether I succeed or not is for the others to say, and for Allah to witness.

Apart from fasting, I pray the Maghrib and Esha prayers regularly, the morning and afternoon prayers on occasion, and read the Quran on most days. There are a few other prayer books that I try to read, but the lack of time prevents me from reading much of those.

I have gone out with my family on one occasion to "eat" the special Ramadan offerings, and while I can say that I really enjoyed myself, I think my wife just about tolerated it and my daughters liked it, though less than how much I did. We had sauted goat kidneys and brain with Indian bread and also had the hearty malpua with rabri - all at Mohamedali Road's famous Minara Masjid Lane (Ibrahim Merchant Lane). My brother Murtuza and his wife Sakina also ate with us, and I sponsored them. The total bill: about Rs. 450/=!

That's about it for now.